MyFitMotive™ 115LBS|52KG Resistance Bands Set

MyFitMotive™ 115LBS|52KG Resistance Bands Set

MyFitMotive™ 115LBS|52KG Resistance Bands Set

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✅ Great replacement to weights

✅ Workout anywhere

✅ High quality and super durable

✈️FREE worldwide shipping (8-21 days)


Make use of time spent at home and get in shape!

Don’t let the social distancing discourage you, instead, make a healthy decision and continue your exercises at home. Don’t be lazy, your body needs you!


Improve your posture by using resistance bands every day and get rid of neck and back pain! Practice hip exercises each day to shape your legs and butt and don’t worry about breaking the bands because they are more durable than you can imagine!

If you’re looking to lose some extra weight, or prevent gaining weight due to lack of activity, you know what’s your move. Be persistent, get rid of harmful calories, build up your immunity and maintain your health!


Home isolation won’t last forever! Once the threat is gone, go out and feel confident in your body!

Your house can be your own gym! Get yours today!

✔ STRETCH OUT: Whether you practice crossfit, squats, yoga or pilates, these band will come in handy! Use them in various ways and the results will come sooner than you think!


✔ BUILD MUSCLES: Target specific muscle groups and build your dream body by combining resistance bands with bodyweight exercises!


✔ REDUCE BACK PAIN: Frequent workout sessions are proven to reduce neck and back pain and eventually even completely remove them!


✔ TIGHTEN LOOSE SKIN: Decrease the appearance of loose skin, especially the one from weight loss or a recent pregnancy!


What's Included?

  • 2 Soft foam rubber handles

  • 2 Ankle holders

  • 1 Door Anchor (To fix it easily)

  • 10 LB Band - Yellow

  • 15 LB Band - Green

  • 20 LB Band - Red

  • 30 LB Band - Blue

  • 40 LB Band - Black

  • Carrier bag