MyFitMotive™ Push-Up Board

MyFitMotive™ Push-Up Board

MyFitMotive™ Push-Up Board

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✅ A great tool for an effective at home upper body workout

✅ Adjustable for Chest, Back, Shoulders, and Triceps workouts

✅ Convenient and portable

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When it comes to push-ups, a simple change in hand placement provides you with a different target muscle and level of difficulty...

Now you can exploit these techniques without even thinking about it! Just plug the handles to the desired position & get the arms, chest, back & shoulders you've always dreamed of!


 Develops chest, shoulders, triceps, and back muscles

✓ Work out in the comfort of your own home - no need for a gym!

✓ Effectively promotes proper pushup form

 Portable - Can fit in a travel bag

✓ Quick assembly and easy storage

✓ Designed for all fitness levels

✓ Premium non-slip handles

Customer Results

"I had my doubts about this board when I bought it, but this thing is the real deal! I started day 0 doing only 100 push ups a day, its day 100 as im writing this and im now doing over 1000 every day! I don't always have the time to go to the gym so having one of these Boards has really allowed me to take my home workouts to the next level!"
- Anthony W.


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